To Say Goodbye Is to...

Say goodbye to my third company.


I’m leaving Shanghai soon and will finally have family reunion with my wife and my son.

Last time when I left my former employer, I drafted a long farewell letter full of jokes (believe me they are funny)…
However, today I immerse myself in the emotion of leaving, leaving my beloved team and mates (yeah, you know I love you all. But I’m married, I’m not available, don’t stare at me Jon), even the desk, the computer (want to carry them home…) and the view from the height of 35th floor (which I can’t take away…).

To say goodbye is to die a little - Raymond Chandler says in his book “The Long Goodbye”. It’s a cruel comment (yes, the sensational words you expected…).
I believe the end of a story is important but can never overshadow the diverse possibilities in the dazzling future.

Keep in touch (still struggling in the mood…).

Best wishes,